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          The orientation on the cemetery 

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This site was established to bring you all the important diagrams of documented cemeteries. They could help you to find the reguested grave in the terrain. The English site shall bring you only a simple explanation how to handle with the Czech version the same "orientation" site :o)

Numbering of the localities corresponds with nomenclature mentioned above.
Please, clik here, you will be redirected on the Czech site Schemata hřbitovů, where by clicking on the requested locality you can immediately download each schema on the screen of yours computer.

The quality of schemas often differs.  Some of them are very well done, some others are only very simple and naive. But each of them can provide you to short look how are the gravestones placed and where (in which part of cemetery, quarter, row etc.) you can find the requested grave. Thank you for the tolerance. And thank you for the feedback too : 

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