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 Catalogues - Chewra/ Keshet

 Our database allowes us to make an Excell-sheet from each documented cemetery. (In case your request - please - contact us on the e-mail adress: ) If you have some special interest on any future locality, please, contact us too. It could be very inspirative to work together.

Some exemples:
023-Březnice/ Bresnitz  
 the list of surnames  find here. The catalogue here.
 the list of surnames find here. The catalogue  here.
057-Drmoul / Dürmaul   
list of surnames  here. The catalogue here.

By clicking on the requested file the sheet is downloaded on your PC.
There are shown only three localities for your information here on this site. To demonstrate you, how to work with all the other sheets you will find on the in Czech  composed site. Follow, please, the link - here:

All the
 catalogues (in Czech)

1) List of BohMor cemeteries (alfabetic)
Explanatory notes:  
documented by our co-workers (all the data available) ,
documented by another subject, (we can navigate you to them)
the cemetery was abolished

2) List of 
already documented localities (fot he present in Czech only)


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