Projekt KEŠET

You can try to find your ancestor immediately - in the section
 Database. You open a new window by clicking on the underlined word "database". It is only one common database operated in Czech.  Write the requested name (Meir, Frodl) or surname (Lederer, Bloch)  or date or their combination (for exemple: Meir 1884) and click enter. You´ll see the actualy offer of all collected data. To proceed to next sites, click, please, the arrow. By the first attempt click twice. (Technical troubles, sorry, we are working on their removing). This way can you userfriendly browse all the data. If you find the corresponding grave, click, please, again on the underlined serial number (fisrt column of the displayed list) and you get immediately the "identifiaciton" card of the grave. Click on the Epitaf displays you the perversed epitaf in hebrew and German or Czech, by clicking on the Foto you get the picture of the gravestone. 
      Soon you can write in the greed not only name or surname, but for exemple the requested symbol, locality or other requests. (mother, fathers name i.e.)
You can also choose the requested locality directly and browse the whole cemetery from grave to grave. In this case click direct on the name of requested locality and enjoy your study :o)  The next steps are the same, the range is shorter but more precise :o)

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